Gayle Corea - Vocals


As the wife of multi Grammy award winning jazz pianist Chick Corea,  Gayle’s life is extremely busy and has been for decades. Whether touring with Chick, singing with “Return to Forever,” recording her own albums, volunteer working for various causes (including Narconon and the World  Literacy Crusade), you have to say that Gayle is busy with a capital  “B.” There’s no way to describe her beautiful voice and everyone who’s  ever heard it, whether on her own albums or when she was singing with others or singing with Chick, always stopped dead in their tracks to  remark how unique this voice was. Trained in church and seasoned by decades of jazz performances, she is currently working on an album of duets with her most famous husband. Both Gayle and Chick have been long time friends of Izzy. Gayle and Izzy have played together on many occasions in club and casual settings. Gayle has always been amused by how well her voice and Izzy’s, while sodifferent, sounded so well together.


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